About Us

About Us

A bit of history:

With extensive experience in the Edmonton – Red Deer – Calgary corridor as the Owner of Premier Limousine Services, the president, Kevin Boulley saw a need for a new type of transportation to serve the business communities of the three cities.  Combining the best attributes of aircraft and motor coaches the concept of the SUV executive shuttle was born.  With a flexibility that the large ground and air carriers cannot match, Executive Express is able not only to link city pairs but industry within a city pair.

Executive Express is currently serving the Edmonton – Red Deer – Calgary market and will rapidly add vehicles as per customer demand.  Executive Express is working to fine tune vehicle amenities and services based on operational requirements and customer input.  This will allow us to provide the highest level of service to our clients and remain flexible in terms of on board equipment and amenities. As the service expands we will offer increasing diversification in terms of times and points served.

Our concept of pricing an entire compartment within the reach of a single individual will allow individuals to make the most of their time, and for companies to get a higher return on their human investment.

Through our aggressive pricing program groups of individuals will be able to travel in luxury and privacy while drastically reducing their departments travel budget.

To date our experience has been that an increasing number of individuals and groups of commuters as small as 2 people have been taking entire compartments when they travel.  This allows them to spread out, travel and work, with an unrivaled “civilized” level of comfort not found with other modes of transportation, at the same price as an airline flight.

We feel that is of utmost importance to have our clients engaged in the process of defining our service as the service is all about our clients.

Kevin Boulley