Our Lincoln Navigator SUV is unique in design and comfort.  An 8 passenger limousine style vehicle, that features 2 sets of 4 seats each in a club seating arrangement.  This configuration not only maximizes space, but allows each set of 4 seats to occupy its own individual cabin.  The cabins can be open to accommodate groups of up to 8, or can be isolated from each other to allow for private meetings for groups of up to 4 in each cabin. An extremely capable all weather vehicle it truly is designed for safe, comfortable, and efficient highway travel.

It is equipped with secure access wireless internet and screens double as display monitors allowing clients to  prepare, rehearse, or present power point presentations.

Our Cadillac Escalade ESV vehicles comfortably seat 5 passengers equipped with wireless internet, DVD screens, satellite radio, as well as aux connection.

Complimentary soft drinks, water, snacks, magazines and movies are provided.

Our Escalade:
Our Lincoln Navigator: